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Spotted Owl Etching

Hand pulled etching of a spotted owl in sepia for that classic vintage feel. I chose to do a spotted owl image because I recall that bird being the center of such a huge cultural kerfuffle a couple of decades ago, particularly in Oregon where I was living at the time. This bird had become the political football tossed between the lumber industry and the environmentalists as the symbolic reason for who had the right to decide what humans could do with forest land. I realized in all of that, I never really stopped to consider the actual animal and decided to retroactively fix that by looking deeply at the actual spotted owl itself.  They're quite a lovely bird, with eyes that seem sad and tired, which is probably me projecting hard my own feelings when I think about how we fuss and fight over natural resources and other cultural divides.  The image size is 8" x 12" (20 cm x 30 cm) on acid-free BFK Rives cotton rag paper that is 11" x 15" (28 cm x 38 cm).  

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