Olympic Peninsula Silhouette Etching - Dawn Version

The Olympic Peninsula and, indeed, the Pacific Northwest coast in general, is one of the most naturally gorgeous places on earth. This is an interpretation of a real rock formation on the northern Washington coast of the Pacific Ocean. The silhouette is the an aquatint on copper plate and the lovely unique color is achieved using the chine collé technique of using the press to both collage thin paper into the base paper and printing on top of it. The luminous sky is a thin piece of marbled momi paper and the beach is a piece of mulberry paper. Where they overlap, the effect of a wet sandy beach reflecting the sky is achieved. This version in peach and yellow and pink is my dawn version of the scene. The image size is 12" x 3" (30 cm x 8 cm) on acid-free BFK Rives cotton rag paper that is 14" x 7" (35 cm x 18 cm).  

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