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Cryptids and Creatures Countdown Calendar

Become an armchair cryptozoologist from the comfort of your home with this 30 day window calendar that's enjoyable any month of the year. Even February because you get bonus days - what a deal. We used the same advanced advent calendar technology as our popular Krampus BADvent calendar to create this interactive paper masterpiece but this one comes with 30 days of surprises behind each door! Search the known world for a different crazy cryptid every day for a month. As you open each door, you can flip the calendar to the back to learn more about what fascinating creature you've just discovered and where in the world it might be found. Emphasis on the word "might." Are these creatures real? Sure, why not? Are they merely the stuff of myth and legend? Who's to say? Are they super fun to discover and learn about. ABSO-freaking-LUTELY! This calendar is more cutely creepy than scary creepy, so it's appropriate for weird kids and weird adults alike.  FREE SHIPPING in the USA!