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House Sparrows Etching - Dark Leaf Version

Hand pulled etching of a couple of house sparrows perching on a branch. This plate was an experiment in reclaiming an earlier plate I'd made that just felt a bit blah. I added some depth to the plate with spit bite then further added more with the addition of some highly textural paper with bits of actual leaves embedded in it when I printed. Then the thing that really tied the room together, so to speak, was putting a thin glaze of gouache on at the end to add a blue tone atop the sepia ink in the background. I think this image turned out to feel like a dreamy little romantic vignette found in the back of an antiquarian bookseller's shop. The image size is 6" x 6" (15 cm x 15 cm) on acid-free BFK Rives cotton rag paper that is 8" x 8" (20 cm x 20 cm). 

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