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Villain-tines Horror Movie Valentine Card Set of Five

Show both your love of horror movies and your love of your valentine sweetie or BFF when you send these "villain-tines." Romance and scary movies are both not for the faint of heart, so clearly they go perfectly together. This set of five cheeky and freaky parody greeting cards were inspired by popular horror films such as It, Candyman, Hellraiser, Frankenstein, Halloween and more!

And we have just added a sixth BONUS card at no extra cost to celebrate Midsommar, the sweet romantic story of young people navigating their relationship at a commune in the idyllic scandinavian countryside.

Cards are printed on heavy glossy cardstock in small batches and hand cut by the artist and each come with a snazzy red envelope (the color of passion and of blood!) These cards will definitely make a unique impression on the recipient.*

*We recommend you check that the recipient a) likes scary movies and b) likes terrible jokes and puns for best results of having them run into your arms rather than far away from you upon opening the envelope.